Projects about water are welcome. The future is green and blue!

The Impact Award Green Education is for innovative projects, research and start-ups that have an impact on food, climate or livability.
Think of projects or start-ups that make a difference in the field of food transition, sustainability and social impact, greening the cities, climate, circular agriculture or biodiversity. 

How much impact do you make?

There are five categories:

  • vmbo
  • technasium 
  • mbo
  • hbo
  • university

Three nominees will be selected from all entries per category. A professional promotional film about their entry will be made of the nominated pupils/students.

In addition, all nominees are guests of honor at the Groenpact Event in June 2024. At this festive event, we will announce the winners of the main prizes of 2500 euros (in each category).

>> View the nominees and winners of the Impact Award Green Education 2023



Projects, studies or start-ups (from now called projects) meet the following requirements:

  • The project or reserch was completed in 2023 or the first half of 2024.
  • It contributes to the social challenges related to climate, climate adaptation, sustainable food and food production, circular agriculture, biodiversity and livebility, etc. 
  • Projects lead to a new and promising solution for a real issue around these challenges. Start-ups* can also participate, if the company has already started during the study.
  • The project was made by at least 3 pupils or students* who study at a Dutch vmbo, technasium, mbo, hbo institution or a Dutch University.
  • Participating pupils and students learn and study at educational institutions that work on projects in the Agri & Food, Horticulture & Propagation Materials and Nature & Living Environment sectors.
  • International students can also participate in the Impact Award, provided they study at one of these institutions.
  • Nominees for the impact award must be willing to participate in video recordings and provide additional (foto/video)material about the project. The nominees are also expected to be present at the award ceremony 1 june 2023.
  • Participants endorse the Regulations and privacy statement Impact Award Green Education 2021.
  • * The condition that at least 3 students have worked together is no longer applicable for start-ups.

Assessment criteria

  • The project contributes to concrete solutions for one or more companies, social institutions or society as a whole (for example: the solution has been applied in real life, advice has been adopted, research is followed up, new collaboration has been established, the product is actually put on the market);
  • the solution has an impact on the societal challenges (climate, climate adaptation, sustainable food and food production, biodiversity, circular agriculture, quality of life, etc.);
  • it refers to the theme of this year: connection
  • the process and the result have a creative and innovative character;
  • the result also has a social impact (think of broad acceptance of new solutions, more involvement in the neighbourhood, promotion of well-being, integration of newcomers, etc.);
  • the initiative was taken by pupils/students and/or played a significant part in the implementation of the project;
  • the solution is relevant and/or transferable, i.e. scientifically relevant and/or can be applied or utilized in more places or on a larger scale.

Registration before the first of March, award ceremony on June 3th 2024!
Registration online, award ceremony at Aeres Barneveld
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