Green Education

The following 50 Dutch education institutes focus specifically on ‘green’ education, research, innovation (different levels):

One research university

Four universities of applied sciences

Nine agricultural regional education centres / vocational education and training (VET) schools

Yuverta, Lentiz, Terra Mbo, Aeres Mbo, Clusius, Nordwin College, Zone College, Curio, Landstede Mbo 

Thirty six pre-vocational education and training schools, offering green education

These schools are represented in the Vereniging Buitengewoon Groen.

Facts & figures

The following visual presents some facts and figures on ‘green’ education in the Netherlands (2018)


More information

Other relevant information and contact on green education and knowledge in the Netherlands.


In addition to the above-mentioned education institutes, there are several Dutch knowledge and innovation hubs active in the green domain in the Netherlands, specializing in specific subjects:

Educational programmes / study in the Netherlands

Information on educational programs in the green domain in the Netherlands and scholarships:

Information on recognition of foreign qualifications and comparison of education systems: Education systems | Nuffic


For further contact and information on:

  • Groenpact – international ambitions / activities of the green education and knowledge system in the Netherlands
  • Cooperation and partnerships on education, research and innovation with relevant partners / hubs in the Netherlands
  • Contact with our Netherlands Agricultural Network abroad

please contact
Ms Karen Bakhuisen
Senior Policy Officer
Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

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