Acceleration program


The international ambitions of Groenpact are amongst others reflected in a so-called ‘acceleration program internationalization’. The program aims to strengthen the international orientation and position of the Dutch green knowledge and education system (at all levels of education).

Focus on education

The acceleration program focuses on fostering the strategic positioning and visibility of Dutch education and knowledge partners in Europe and globally, and promote their participation in international cooperation projects and partnerships, preferably in cooperation with private sector parties. The program also aims to strengthen the quality of Dutch education, practice-oriented research and innovation infrastructure through internationalization. A strong international focus of partners engaged in education, research and innovation in the green domain will enable them to continue to contribute to solutions for global challenges and to strengthen our economic competitiveness in the green domain.

Plans into action

Examples of initiatives planned for 2022 are the facilitation of MoUs for cooperation between the Netherlands and other countries (and relevant institutes, the organization of country / regional network sessions for education institutes (in close cooperation with the Netherlands Agricultural Network), the organization of sessions on international / global themes for staff of education institutes (Master classes, training, guest lectures), provision of vouchers to facilitate international cooperation and partnerships, sharing information on funding opportunities for cooperation on education, research, innovation.

Contact information

For further contact and information on:

  • Groenpact – international ambitions / activities of the green education and knowledge system in the Netherlands
  • Cooperation and partnerships on education, research and innovation with relevant partners / hubs in the Netherlands
  • Contact with our Netherlands Agricultural Network abroad

please contact
Ms Karen Bakhuisen
Senior Policy Officer
Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality


Policy framework

In realizing its international ambitions, Groenpact also seeks synergy and alignment with policy agendas, programs and financing instruments of the Dutch government, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Knowledge and innovation

An important example is the ‘Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Agriculture, Water and Food’. The agenda was drawn up in close consultation with the stakeholders: government ministries, the public sector, the business sector, regional authorities and water committees. This makes the agenda a widely supported document that will give direction to innovation in two relevant green (top)sectors: Agri & Food and Horticulture & Propagation materials. See Topsector Agri & Food and Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen. The Netherlands (nine) innovative top sectors are among the worlds’ best. The government therefore takes effort in further strengthening their international position with specific knowledge and innovation agenda’s and funding.       

The Netherlands
Agricultural Network

The Netherlands Agricultural Network plays an important role in realizing the international ambitions of GroenPact. The network supports Dutch agricultural entrepreneurs, companies and knowledge institutes interested in doing business abroad. They offer support in more than 75 countries. Visit our Netherlands Agricultural Network contact information page to find out where they are worldwide and how to contact them: Netherlands Agricultural Network.

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