The green personas

We are facing major challenges worldwide, such as greening our economy and society, sustainable housing, production of sufficient, safe and healthy food, CO2 reduction and climate adaptation, conservation of nature and biodiversity, and a healthy, safe living environment for people and animals. The green sector is crucial to finding the solutions to these issues. In order to continue to make a difference, the green domain in the Netherlands should get into development mode even more.

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But what do green workers really want? What attitudes do these employees have to their work? What are their drives and needs when it comes to learning and development? Wouldn't it be great to have more insight into what really suits different types of people who work in the green domain? To this end, Groenpact has developed the Green Personas: four different recognisable green employee profiles, who each favour a different form of learning and training offerings. 

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From research to personas

The development of the green personas was preceded by a quantitative study of Sparkey also known from the Workprofiler model. This was followed by the translation into personas, Imagro based on the survey data on 2,300 workers, 650 of whom work in the green domain. These personas were then tested in interviews with several employers in the green domain.

From goal-oriented go-getter to down-to-earth doer

Although everyone is different, we found four distinct, recognisable green employee profiles that all respond favourably to different forms of learning and training offerings: personas. The conscious developer, for example, likes to learn within their team, and the goal-oriented go-getter prefers to do a course externally. And how do you approach a down-to-earth doer who is relieved that their school days are over?

A useful tool

On 21 April 2022, the Green Personas were presented at the Groenpact Network Meeting – The Labour Market of the future in Ede. Get to know the four personas, read how to motivate each of them, and find appropriate forms of learning, conveniently grouped together. This tool will help you strike the right chord with your employees. Or use the Green Personas to foster a better connection with your target audience as a learning and development provider.

Examples from daily practice

Robert Veenstra (project leader at LTO Noord) decided to include employee profiles (personas) early on in the development of the new industry training program for mushroom cultivation.  It turned out to be a good decision. Read his story, and some useful tips, here.

More info & downloads

Download the presentation on Green Personas

Read more about Sparkey's research (Motivaction) Do you have a good idea on how to make this product applicable, or would you like to find out more? Please contact  Marije de Jonge

Download the Green Personas poster:

Watch the webinar

How can we make sure that companies and organisations in the green domain, and more specifically their employees, continue to learn and develop? That they keep up-to-date with opportunities and innovations in and outside the green domain? Or even better... that they are a frontrunner in this regard! The answer to these questions was given on 31 May 2022, in a webinar on the Green Personas. You can watch the webinar below.

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